Applications are open to all instrumental practices and musical styles from October 18, 2017 to January 8, 2018 (Classical music, World music, Modern music, New music, Jazz and improvised music).


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The selections

The selection committees, composed of professionals and enthusiasts, realize a solid study of the artistic proposals. The quality, originality and consistency of the files are major assets for the member of the jury. To ensure the renewal of the programming of each edition, the selection favors the formations that never participated in the festival. The bands already scheduled for 2017 will therefore not be selected for the 2018 edition. The results of the selections are communicated by e-mail to each candidate in March.

Financing and reception conditions

Accommodation, catering and technical reception (sound system, lighting) are entirely covered by the festival. Transportation costs are partially refunded. The amount of the financial contribution is communicated at the end of the selections. No advance can be envisaged.