Our values

In 1987, the town of Belfort, students and lessons of the UTBM founded the International University Music Festival. The FIMU for all ages and style is primarily a cultural exchange between the audience and the artists.

During the Pentecôte weekend, nearly 1,600 artists from 32 countries perform on stage. We can then watch 200 totally free concerts. Musical diversity is incredible: jazz, classical, rock, pop ...

The FIMU wants environmentally friendly and open to all. For this it implements environmentally friendly solutions and accessibility for people with disabilities. It also organizes activities for children.

A FIMU responsible for...


Consigned vintage cups

In order to reduce waste and protect the cleanliness of the site, the refreshment bars of the festival, as well as the bars and the restaurants of the Old town, serve their drinks exclusively in reusable cups. A 1€ deposit is added to the price of the first beverage. The festival-goers can bring back their empty cup at any time and get back their deposit or choose to keep it as a souvenir of this edition.

In summary, the reusable cup is a practical, friendly, and especially environment-friendly accessory!

Glass forbidden

During the festival, a campaign of the City of Belfort reminds the public that for safety reasons, glass is strictly forbidden on the site.

The sorting team

Volunteers stride across the festival to educate the public about waste sorting and cleanliness.


Stands to get informed

Associative structures and the health department of the Community Centre for Social Action (CCAS) of the City of Belfort educate the public about risk behaviours (use of drugs and alcohol) during mobile activities or directly on their stands situated on the checked pattern, rue de la République.

Protections to reduce the noise

Hearing protection headsets are proposed free of charge to children, so that they can enjoy the concerts in complete safety. A 30€ deposit (by check only) and an ID card are required.  Earplugs are also distributed by Avenir Santé, a structure which educates the festival-goers about the risk of hearing loss.

Accessible water bars to quench your thirst

The Communauté de l’Agglomération Belfortaine makes available to festival-goers two free water bars, situated Place Corbis and Avenue du Général Sarrail . They allow learning more about water while quenching the thirst. These sites are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

FIMU for children

The small festival-goers from 5 to 12 years old have dedicated activities. They can play surprising instruments and devote themselves to funny body language games during playful and educational workshops supervised by professionals.

Animations and exhibitions

Every year, events and exhibitions around music are offered. They are organized by cultural institutions in museums, public library, Espace Multimedia Gantner ...

Discover Belfort

For over 25 years, the FIMU is housed in the streets of the Old City of Belfort. With its colorful facades, Vauban fortifications and its lively streets, the Old City of Belfort boasts many treasures. Dominated by the Citadel and the famous Lion of Bartholdi, it lends itself to walk with family or friends.

The Citadel

Built in the late 19th century, it is a place full of history that leaves no one indifferent.

The large underground

Modernity and heritage combine in this scenography composed of panoramic sights and sounds.

The Lion of Belfort

This pink sandstone lion 22 meters long and 11 meters high is the work of sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. It symbolizes the heroic resistance of the city during the assault of 1870-1971.

The History Museum

This museum features historical collections, archaeological and ethnographic. It thus offers a journey of regional everyday life from prehistoric times to the period of invasion.

Space Bartholdi

An area of 240m² is dedicated permanent way the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. It presents a sculpture funds, drawings, prints and old photographs.

The Museum of Modern Art

This museum presents works by Picasso, Leger, Manolo … They have all been met by Maurice Jardot who then bequeathed them to the city.

The Museum of Fine Arts

This museum, in the heart of the Tower 41, has a rich collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings and engravings. These works are divided into 5 themes: allegory, religious inspiration, landscape, portrait and Camille Lefèvre.

Pass Multisites 7 sites for 7 €

This pass allows you to discover the best sights of the city at affordable prices.


For food lovers, Belfort is not left side food! Be seduced by the Belflore the Brimbul ‘, the shoulder of the Ballon or facets of the Territory. All these flavors are at the crossroads of the region’s and Alsatian specialties.

More information about the sites www.belfort-tourisme.com and www.ville-belfort.fr.